Don Hesh :
SEO Consultant Sydney

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about following Google recommended guidelines and providing value to your visitors. That's the secret behind my SEO Consulting.

I have around 10 years of hands on experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). And helped many businesses with Adwords and Social Media marketing too.

90% of my clients websites are in the Google page number one for their most wanted keywords. I follow Google webmaster guidelines and use whitehat SEO techniques to deliver the best results.

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SEO & Diigital Marketing Services

I'm offering number of SEO and digital marketing services to all sizes of businesses. If you are looking for a part time consultant to help to grow your Google rankings. Choose one of the services and contact me now.

Website Audits

Find SEO errors of your website and Full inbound back links audit. find out the main reasons, Why your website isn't ranking higher on Google search results. find the health of your website and fix the errors.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important to any business website. know your main keywords and monthly search volume for those keywords. most importantly, know the keywords, your competitors using.

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Competitor Analysis

Wants to know, How your competitors ranking on Google page 01? and why your website not ranking properly? This report will tell you, exactly what your competitors Digital Marketing strategies are.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most effective advertising platform ever produce. you can generate new business leads without spending large budget. Highly recommended for Small bsuiness with tight advertising budget.

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SEO Consulting

Manage your SEO campaign with end to end solution. from Content marketing to web development and Onsite optimisation to Link building we got everything covered. Get a quotation today.

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Google AdWords

I'm a Certified Google Adwords consultant. With more than 8 years for Google AdWords experience I will be able to deliver most advanced Adwords campgain with landing page optimisation and sales funnel configuration

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What tasks SEO Consultant do ?

What are the main tasks as a SEO Consultant I do.

Project Planning

All of our SEO and Digital Marketing projects are well planned and designed to deliver the results.

Monthly Reporting

You will get Monthly reporting with transparent and acuarate ranking information

Fast Responce

When you deal with me, you are not a another clients of a SEO Agency. I will get back to you quickly and I'm always availble on after hours too.

Support and Communication

When you have a question about anything related to your campgain. Just drop us an email. Me or one of my assistants will be in touvh with you shortly.

Finding new opertunities

We treat our clients businesses as one of our own. therefore we alwways finds new opertunisties for expanding your businesses.

24/7 Site Monitoring

Our SEO software will monitor your site 24/7 and it is linked to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Need A Quick Support?

If you stuck with any SEO or Digital marketing realated issue. PLease don not hassitate to contact me. I will try to find the best solution for your problem and will advice you how to recover from your Search engine optimitasion issue.

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Most Asked SEO Questions

In simple words, No one knows. But. it is a measurement of the Domain Authority and page authority of the web pages in Google page 01 for your keyword.

In early days, to rank a website. Google chek how many other sites are linking to a web page. higher the links, higher the chances of getting in to page number one. However, it is not the same now. their are around 200 SEO ranking factors concider by Google.

SEO is expensive beacuse. the quility of a website matters to SEO. When your website produce good content it will get attantion from other websites and social media. then it will get more traffic. mort traffic and lower bounce rate will lead Google to think. your website is a Good enough to be in their page one.

Your Google page position is a temporary status given by Google. It changes every day, every second and it changes depends on your locan and your user experince. therefore, to maintain your Google page position you need to keep maintaining healthy website and update your website continuasly

Making your website SEO friendly is basicly the onsite optimisation. these are the SEO 101 factors. like optimising the Tittle tags, Meta and Content. Also makeing the site loadinf speed faster is one of the key factros.

Top 5 SEO Myths

Only hands full of Agencies and consultants gurantee Google page number one. Most Agencies promote Google AdWords. If you are not 100% confident with what you are doing. it's hard to get a website in to Google page one.

It's a Yes or No answer. Basicly Google algorythem not connected to Adwords and it's not directly infuvence of rankings. However, if you advertise your blog articles on AdWords and get more social sharing, it will help indirectly for your rankings.

No, Age of your domain name dosen't matter for Seo. But most old websites rank better, beacuse those websites managed to get many links over the years

It is always hard task to rank new websites. But, it can be done with providing great userexperinc and content.

Google keep saying. Social Signals has no impact on Search engine optimisations. But, acording to our testing. Yes, their is a direct impact on Social Signals. the only disadvantage is it is temporrary.